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Who Are We?

claire portrait.jpg

This is Claire. Founder of The Swap Shop.

"After working as a Buyer for some big fast fashion players, I witnessed first hand the amount of waste produced, and how damaging the culture of buy buy buy can be. I wanted to create a platform that allowed you to access preloved items, but with a focus on the shopping experience too.


I found, when I wanted to make more conscious shopping decisions, the usual platforms were time consuming, and you had to scroll past a lot that wasn't right, before finding what you are after. By introducing our approval process, we have created a carefully curated selection of items, . We ensure every item is as new and how you would expect to find it on the high street. 

Swapping means, you can keep shopping while keeping everything in circulation, knowing that your donated pieces have made someone else’s wardrobe very happy".



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