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Swapping, for people who love clothes.

How it works

Join Our Community.

By joining our exclusive members club, you'll get priority access to The Swap Shop. A bit like shopping in your most stylish pal's wardrobe!

Select either a monthly membership or PAYS (pay as you swap)!


Submit your items to Swap.

Submit a photo of the items you want to Swap. All submissions are approved personally by us to ensure we have the very best items available for you. 

Once approved, send us your items, and you will be allocated one Swap Coin per item, to redeem in The Swap Shop.

Get Swapping.

Browse The Swap Shop to find yourself a beautiful new wardrobe that's good for both your purse, and the environment.

There is no limit on the amount of Swaps per month, allowing you to curate your perfect wardrobe!


New In

What's new this week



Transitional dressing made easy



Shoes to make any look better

Each person has an average of 57 unworn items in their wardrobe.

Hands up if you have clothes in your wardrobe that you don't wear?!


We are all guilty of making impulse purchases, only to wear them a limited number of times, sometimes not at all.

At The Swap Shop we want those clothes to go to a loving home where they will be worn and cared for, and in return we would like your wardrobe to be full of pieces you love to wear.

We believe shopping for preloved items should be just as enjoyable as any other form of retail therapy.

That's why each item that enters The Swap Shop, is approved by us, ensuring it meets our high standards, professionally photographed, and delivered to you in beautiful, and sustainable packaging.

Let's create some wardrobe envy!

What We Believe

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